"I received your package today. Oh my, it made me cry how beautiful the layettes are. How can I thank you for this great work and including us as part of your family of hospitals. God bless the makers of these layettes for their gift of love and compassion." —Rosemary

"I appreciate having beautiful coordinated layettes and keepsakes in all the appropriate sizes to offer to each patient and her family as these sets do not exist to be purchased on short notice." —L & D Nurse

"I can't believe that someone made this with such thought, care and perfect workmanship. It has taken a lot of worry off me to see my baby boy cared for so respectfully." —Anonymous Parent

"I am on the front line providing care to patients so I witness the impact of this ministry on families. The layettes and keepsakes are given to families from every walk of life who find themselves thrust unexpectedly into one of life’s most distressing situations—the death of their baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth. They rarely have any warning or time to prepare. The layettes serve a vital need and the keepsakes are treasured by the families for a lifetime."
—Bonnie Tincher, RNC, CNS, MSN (Now a board member of Angel Layettes)

"I care for families who have experienced the loss of an infant through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death and can provide an appropriately sized, beautifully crafted layette created by caring volunteers. They are so touched and relieved. Infant clothing in these small sizes is not readily available in the retail market. The layettes provide the family with treasured keepsakes that acknowledges and honors the infant’s life." —Grateful Labor & Delivery Nurse

"Angel Layettes add a beautiful lasting memory to a life event that is permeated with profound grief." —Susan S., R.N.

"Our box arrived! It felt like Christmas! I opened each one. Absolutely beautiful! I am so happy to have them. I like how they velcro in the front. It will make handling these little ones easier. I especially like the lavender sleeves as a keepsake 'box.' I will prepare them to hand out with all of the information the parents will need. I know they will be so appreciated. I will keep you up to date on their use and outcomes. Your ladies do beautiful work. Please share with them our appreciation."
—Amy G., RN

"We are so blessed to have you and your organization. Blessings to you!" —Michelle P., RN

"Thank you for providing our Angel Layettes." —Georgia

"Thank you for thinking of others during their time of need."

"This is so great! Be blessed and know this will bless many."

"You really live up to your name." —Marie T.

"We love them. Thank you. They are gorgeous." —Sharon B.

"We want to thank your group for the beautifully handmade infant gowns, blankets, caps and hearts. We know our patients will appreciate the love and care you put into making them." —Hospital Staff


Are you experiencing grief?

The loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth is a life-changing event. If you have experienced the loss of a child yourself, or are close to someone who has, please visit the resources listed below.

We also encourage you to seek out support through your local church, a support group, or a qualified professional for more personalized help.

Please note that the websites listed below are in no way affiliated with Angel Layettes, and we are not responsible for any content on their site.  

www.wintergreenpress.com - Babies Remembered and Wintergreen Press; the Web site of Sherokee Ilse, bereaved Parent, international speaker and author

www.glorybabies.org - a nonprofit self-help organization focused on pregnancy-related losses open to all bereaved parents and their families

www.compassionatefriends.org - a national nonprofit self-help group focused on helping families cope with the death of a child of any age

www.carenotes.com - large collection of booklets treating a wide variety of different types of grief and loss, including materials for teens and children

www.webhealing.com - provides resources and a chat room for dealing with grief and crisis; specialized material for men

www.dougy.org - Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families; wide variety of resources for all ages

www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org - offers gentle and beautiful photography services in a compassionate and sensitive manner